3 Birthday Gift Ideas For The Cash-Strapped College Kid

In need of birthday gift ideas that your cash-strapped college kid can appreciate? Consider gifting them with one or more of the following options:

Repay Payday Loans

An excellent way to surprise your college kid and provide them with some financial support is to help repay some of their debts. If your child is like most college kids, they may make use of services like payday loans to help makes ends meet – especially when it's time to buy new school books and tools for the classroom.

Create a homemade payment voucher that's good for a specific amount of money by customizing and printing out a certificate on the Internet and present it to them on their birthday. You can then go down and make the payment together when it's convenient. The idea is to relieve some of the debt that they currently have so they can reallocate their finances and decrease any loan amounts they may need to take out from payday loan companies in the future. Contact a company like Payday Express to learn more. 

A Food Box Subscription

Your college kid is sure to appreciate getting a box of food throughout the month without having to worry about paying for it, so consider gifting them with a food subscription box on their birthday this year. You'll find many great subscription companies to choose from that offer products based on specific themes, from particular companies, and for various diet preferences that will send your child a box of products to enjoy weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly depending on the company you work with and the type of subscription you choose. Some subscription companies even provide recipes with their products which will make it easy for your college kid to learn new ways of feeding themselves.

Transportation Vouchers

Putting together a package of transportation vouchers is another great way to surprises your college kid with something that will reduce their financial stress. Buy a small decorative box and fill it with bus tickets, taxi vouchers, gas cards if they drive, and Uber credits so they can get around town without having to worry about tapping into their bank account. Attach the box to the handlebars of a new bicycle and present it to your child while celebrating their birthday. They'll enjoy stress-free transportation and have the bicycle to rely on when all of their transportation vouchers have been used.

These practical birthday gift ideas are sure to be appreciated long after your college kid's birthday comes and goes.  

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